The Architectural Modification review process (ACC/ARC) is a formal process where Board of Directors or Architectural Committee reviews the package that you have submitted to Association Specialty Group. Once reviewed, the Board or Committee makes a decision. 

Please be sure to read the requirements and information on the Architectural Modification Form. You can find the Architectural Modification Form under the Website Tab "Documents". Click on the drop down and choose, Community Forms for Residents and print the form to complete. 
If all information and documents are not provided when submitted for review, your package will be returned to be completed. Once a completed package is submitted, your package will be reviewed and either approved or denied. Regardless of the outcome, you will receive notification of the decision that has been made. 


When you submit your Architectural Request Package to Association Specialty Group management office or on this Website, the package must be 100% complete. This means that you must fill out and sign all forms and provide all backup needed. 

1. Scan ALL pages of your completed Architectural Form & Backup into one PDF Document. 

2. Save this PDF Document to your Computer (desktop recommended). You also may want to name the PDF Document to easily find it later. 

3. Click on the Tab - Architectural Requests.

4. Click on button below, New ACC Request.

5. Choose an ACC Type (House Painting, Landscaping, New Construction).

6. Click on Browse to search your computer for the location where you have saved the PDF Document to upload to the Community Website. 

7. A box will appear to Choose the File, Double Click to Upload.  

8. Provide Details of your Request - This should be one line about the further detail of the work you would like to have approved. Ex: Roof Replacement.

9. Click on Submit ACC Request - Which will send to ASG Management to review and submit to your Board of Directors or Committee for review. 

10. Once the request has been submitted, you can Click on the internet Refresh Button (small circular arrow next to where you entered the Community Website Address) and you will see that the Architectural Package was submitted displayed on your screen. 

The page you have requested contains private information related to your association and/or homeowner account. Please login to your account to access the information on this page. If you have any questions, please contact your management company. Thank you.